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The most effective events are those that create impact that lasts beyond the event itself. They'll help you to win customers, positive brand awareness as well as the personal sense of a job well done. Here are some ideas how to stand out from the crowd with inspired event content and use of technology.


Can fake news win elections or crash your business?
published 31st Jan 2017

Fake news is news. Big news. And has been blamed for everything from Brexit to Hillary Clinton losing the American election. With 62% of the American adult population using social media to source their news, and 18% of them doing so often, fake news has a perniciously wide reach. What effect does it have on news, on business and on us?


Free Online Event Booking Systems. The Secret Revealed.
published 3rd November 2016

The internet is a wonderful place where you can find lots of interesting/entertaining and useful things that are free of charge at the point of use. However, there's no such thing as a free lunch as they say. Creating and running reliable internet services actually costs a lot more than most people think. So why would anyone offer a 'free' event booking service? What's the true cost? Here are the secrets and myths


Feedback – How Do You Harvest Yours?
published 27th September 2016

How do you know what your audience is really feeling about your event? You’ve put hours into its organisation and you think it’s gone well, but how do you know? Are your sponsors happy? Are the delegates happy to come back next time to another event that you organise? How can you measure what happened during the occasion?


Hot New Wearable Tech Everyone's Talking About
published 15th September 2016

Wearable tech is changing at such a fast pace. What is available to event organisers to make the event a memorable experience, ease their delegates' way around the event and give your event the wow factor?


Watch out, watch out, there's a drone about
published 14th June 2016

How can you prolong the feel good memories of the event? Uploading the edited highlights to a video sharing website will keep the event fresh in the minds of your attendees, generate momentum to participate next time and provide advertising material for future events. It's a great way of reminding people what a wonderful time they had with you.


Brian May's Owl
published 3rd June 2016

It might seem an unlikely marriage, that of Brian May, celebrated Queen guitarist and astrophysicist, and Virtual Reality (VR) smartphone viewers, but, what you might not know is ...


What can Virtual Reality do for Event Organisers?
published 1st June 2016

Virtual Reality is fast becoming the new marketing tool for event organisers and is set to be a £600M industry in the coming year. It’s useful for event organisers as it allows audiences to experience a product, location or service without having to leave your conference room. So, what can Virtual Reality do for event organisers?

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