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plusforevents.com can revolutionise the way you take bookings for your training courses, whether you run them as part of an HR department or it’s your business.

Do you still use a spreadsheet and a word processor to manage your signing up process for your training courses?


Formal training sessions usually for a relatively small number of participants (typically 6 to 30 people) that are part of an internal staff development programme or offered to paying customers.


  • With a relatively small number of attendees, booking training places isn't a full time job, but you need to be available all the time to take enquiries so as not to lose business. This can be very disruptive to other work you are doing.
  • Attendees making bookings like the reassurance from you that their request has been actioned. If you don't respond quickly with an acknowledgement, they will often call or email you again to check, so this adds another time consuming process for you.
  • Because you sometimes need a day off, you need to be able to easily hand over your admin process to someone else
  • Using spreadsheets and office documents to manage bookings is fraught with difficulties because usually only one person can have the document open at a time, but many people can accidentally delete it!
  • You need to monitor take up to make sure that the course is viable to run and take pro-active marketing steps optimise capacity utilisation.
  • You may be responsible for running several different training courses at the same time or in succession, so the above challenges are multiplied and repeated.

The solution:

Using plusforevents.com provides an accurate and professional approach to running courses.

  • Easy for attendees to sign up online 24x7, even when you're not there
  • Easy to set up registration forms with optional and required fields to fit different course types
  • Automatic email confirmation of bookings to attendees minimises admin follow-up enquiries
  • Accurate attendance lists for resources and refreshments
  • Easy dashboard overview of many courses at a time
  • Database driven for easy simultaneous user access on and off site
  • Run waiting lists with automatic re-allocation of a place if an attendee cancels to maximise utilisation
  • Built-in online feedback questionnaire forms for post-course attendee evaluation

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