Shareholders' meetings

Shareholder’s meetings - easy and predicable with can make a big difference to how your shareholders perceive your business, yet allow you to optimise your budget and time spent on shareholder meetings.

Do you still send out invitations to shareholder meetings with no real idea how many people are likely to turn up? Do you avoid such meetings because they seem very wasteful with lots of empty seats? Do your shareholders feel that it's their money you are wasting?


You need to hold a communications meeting with a group of people such as the shareholders of a large company. You are required to invite a large number of people, but only a proportion of them are likely to attend.


  • With a potentially large number of attendees, should you provision for the worst case or get caught out by not provisioning enough if you guess the number of attendees too low.
  • If you over provision compared with the actual attendance, you may face accusations of wasting shareholder's money
  • Without a method to positively advise you of attendance, it's not possible to differentiate between shareholders who have not received your meeting notice and those not motivated to attend.
  • You wish your presenters to be open to questions, but stage managing open questions from the floor is difficult, especially if small lobby groups might try to take over the agenda. Pre-scripted question would be a good solution, but create their own logistical challenges to gather in advance.
  • Managing the expectations of Senior Execs who will present at the meeting about how many people will be there can be guesswork.
  • The ability to survey the opinions of attendees about the meeting would be helpful to improve next time, but you don't seem to discover anything useful from paper forms handed out at the time.

The solution:

Using provides a time saving and cost-optimised solution to running shareholder meetings.

  • Easy for invitees to let you know they'll be coming via easy to use 24 x 7 online registration
  • Accurate attendance lists to enable you to plan venue resources and refreshments
  • Identify which invitations actually gained positive responses via built-in marketing reports
  • Anticipate likely final attendance based on graphical analysis of booking trends
  • Registration pages can be branded in your company colours using our optional branding pack service
  • Request specific information such as "Your question for the Chief Exec" to enable pre-scripting of Q & A sessions
  • Automatic email confirmation of bookings to attendees minimises admin follow-up enquiries
  • Easy to produce personal name badges if required
  • Database driven for easy simultaneous user access on and off site - ideal for team working
  • Built-in online feedback questionnaire forms for post-event evaluation

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