Professional associations boost engagement

If you belong to a professional association, with volunteers that organise events for their local members, then using a system that’s proven in this field will solve your organisational problems. has been used in this situation for over 5 years and continues to benefit local organisers, staff at headquarters and the attendees.


You want to organise events that promote your organisation, provide public value and lead to retention and growth of membership. Your target audience is a mix of members and the general public.


  • Your organisation runs a number of different types of event of various sizes - the ideal solution will be both flexible and scalable
  • You need an easy mechanism to capture response to your event promotion
  • You need to be able to identify which attendees are members and which non-members, both as a measure of public value and to identify those who may be interested in membership
  • Measuring outcomes is important - both in terms of attendance and specific feedback from attendees, but paper feedback forms rarely reveal any insight as to what people actually thought
  • You want to encourage networking amongst attendees, so the ability to quickly create name badges and efficiently deal with on the day administration would help those on the ground concentrate on facilitate networking
  • Meetings are organised by both volunteers and staff working in dynamic teams - it's important that everyone is working with up to date information to avoid duplicated tasks/wasted effort
  • The solution must be intuitive for occasional users yet offer rich functionality to regular users and event professionals
  • Software must be able to run on a variety of computers, many off-site and owned by other organisations/volunteers. Installing specific software is therefore not practical and different versions of even general Office applications can cause difficulties with exchanging data

The solution

  • Flexible control of booking forms in a few clicks to specify which data is captured to adapt to different event types
  • Dashboards to easily organise and manage multiple concurrent or sequenced events
  • Captures attendee response 24x7
  • Choice of automatic or manual allocation of places, with automatic waiting lists and automatic reallocation of places to maximise utilisation of capacity
  • Electronic attendance list capture
  • Built-in online feedback capture with invitations sent by email
  • Controlled access to information divided in to organisational groups/units that mirror your organisation's structure (Enterprise Version)
  • Volunteers need minimal training - quick and simple to use and easy to roll out to the regions
  • Local area volunteers have control over their own events, but Head Office staff can provide backup support
  • Single source of definitive real time information shared by all
  • Works with PCs and MACs using standard internet browsers - no software to install

Our recommendation

Make it easy for your attendees to say Yes!
to your events brings together dispersed teams of staff and volunteers

  • easy to deploy web based solution, works anywhere with no IT headaches
  • event promotion tools that win new members and gain loyalty
  • built-in feedback process for event evaluation

... scale up the influence of your organisation and save effort.

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