Business breakfasts & networking meetings

Breakfast seminars are wonderfully relaxed ways of networking. Imagine tea, coffee and croissants and having a good chat with potential customers, followed by a seminar - what a way to start a day! helps with the organisation of your event to make sure everything goes smoothly.


You need to arrange a business breakfast or a networking meeting for a group of people including some who haven't met before. You will need to provide name badges to help your attendees network and you need to know attendance numbers in advance to enable you to create the right ambience, stretch your budget and avoid waste e.g. on catering.


  • You would like to build the strength and reach of your networking group
  • You would like the ability to take bookings via the internet without the hassle and expense of rebuilding your organisation's website
  • You need to be responsive to attendee changes, ideally allowing people to manage their own booking
  • Keeping on top of managing the breakfast/networking meeting may be just one of your job functions
  • You need to keep your speakers and Senior Execs informed about progress to build confidence that you have everything under control, so you need hard data to back up your decisions and recommendations.
  • You need to print out attendee badges easily, both before the event and on the day for people who haven't pre-registered
  • You need to have up-to-date attendance numbers to order the catering etc.
  • Finding the right balance between spending time at the end of the meeting on event evaluation when everyone wants to rush off and getting meaningful feedback is difficult

The solution:

  • Easy for attendees to respond online 24x7, even when you're not there
  • Automatic cross-promotion of relevant events that build your networking capability
  • Event registration pages can be kept private where you wish to advertise events to a closed network group
  • Quick and easy event setup enables you to publish an event in less that 3 minutes
  • Attendees can self-manage/cancel their booking online minimising manual workload for event organisers
  • Automatic email confirmation of bookings to attendees minimises routine follow-up enquiries
  • Up-to-date attendee information at any time of day or night
  • Accurate attendance lists in advance enables accurate ordering of facilities and catering to avoid waste/shortage
  • Registration pages can be branded in your company colours using our optional branding pack service
  • Easy to produce personal name badges in advance or on the day
  • Built-in online feedback questionnaire forms for post-course attendee evaluation - discover what your attendees really think (here's why)

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