Multi-day conferences

Anual conferences and multi-activity meetings are easy with is not limited to single activity events - you can use its more advanced functions to organise multi-day and multi-activity events like annual conferences with breakout sessions.


You organise large scale conferences or multi-day events to bring together people from across your organisation. Usually this invloves the top people in your organisation and often participants will have paid to attend making the event both high profile and an important test of your own event management ability.


  • Delivering a sucessful conference is more than a one person job, working as a team with everyone able to work with up to date information would save a lot of time and confusion
  • Controlling costs is important, so accurate delegate numbers are vital to place orders for facilities and catering that neither waste money or result in delegate complaints about shortages
  • Your event may not take place in your office or may even be held in another country, but you need access to event information on-site while other members of your team are still in your office. This can generate confusion with lots of emails/document versions, expensive phone calls and duplication of effort
  • Ideally you need a simple easy way for delegates to sign up to attend that could be automated - this would avoid lots of unstructured emails and phone calls that soak up time
  • Being able to count numbers for optional breakout sessions is required to plan seminar room allocations, sizes and layout
  • Elective breakout sessions consume a lot of organisational time to ensure that delegate choices are recorded accurately, especially if they change their mind
  • Logisticall details like name badges and attendance lists make a big difference to the delegate's perception of your event management, but can take up a lot of time to produce exactly at the moment when other last minute problems crop up

The solution: is the easy way to deal with the complexities of organising annual conferences. Operating over the internet, it's the ideal way to work seamlessly between office and event location and collaboratively between several members of a team.

  • Attendees can self-manage/cancel their booking online minimising manual workload for event organisers
  • Automatic email confirmation of bookings to attendees minimises routine follow-up enquiries
  • Up-to-date attendee information at any time of day or night
  • Accurate attendance lists in advance enables accurate ordering of facilities and catering to avoid waste/shortage
  • Registration pages can be branded in your company colours using our optional branding pack service
  • Easy to produce personal name badges in advance or on the day
  • Built-in online feedback questionnaire forms for post-course attendee evaluation - discover what your attendees really think (here's why)


  • Team can work any time and any where
  • Up-to-date information available to all team members at any time
  • Easy for attendees to sign up
  • Easy to set up forms with mandatory fields at your discretion
  • Automatic email confirmation of places
  • Attendees can manage their own bookings
  • Download data onto a spreadsheet or word processing program to send out printed information
  • Automatic re-allocation of a place if an attendee cancels

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