Buyer's Guide brings user-friendly, online event registration and management within reach of event professionals, occasional event organisers and those running events for the first time. The software runs directly over the internet from our data centre, so not only is there nothing to install on your computer, you have access to capacity that scales from a few attendees to hundreds per event, without any performance slowdown.

PayAsYouGo, Professional, Enterprise - which version do I need?

All versions come with attendee registration, event administration, valuable marketing insight and post-event feedback collection. Everything in one place, makes it easy for you or your team to Organise, Optimise and Capitalise on your events - whether that's a one off event or scaled up to many events a month.

For straightforward small scale events, our PAYG version is probably all you need. For more complex events or where you organise events as a team, our professional version is the one for you. Meanwhile, our enterprise version is ideal for large organisations wishing to roll out a unified system across different departments or organisational units, where each run their own events. Check out our overview of versions or go straight to a detailed comparison checklist

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As your needs change, upgrading to a different version of or adding new services is easy and straightforward. All of your data is carried forward to the new version, so everything remains at your fingertips - please get in touch - tell us what you need.

Why not create your own event management system?

Almost everyone has been involved in running an event at some time. Perhaps you have some sort of event organisation process in place already, so why change now? Why not build something using email, spreadsheets and word processed documents etc. that you probably already have?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, here's why you should use, the quickest and easiest way to get your own powerful online and offline event management system with the features used by event professionals. It's easy to use, flexible, adapts to events of all sizes and is surprisingly cost effective. We've spent thousands of hours perfecting based on our own experience of running events, so you don't have to!

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